Quinta da Pedra Alta Mixed Case | 6 Bottles

Quinta da Pedra Alta Mixed Case | 6 Bottles

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Our Pedra Alta Reserva Mixed case contains all the drinks you need for a great Xmas!

Contains 1 each of the following:

  1. Pedra No. 03 White Port – to kick off the day with a refreshing white port and tonic (#pedratonica)

  2. Pedra a Pedra Branco – perfect with starter such as smoked salmon

  3. Reserva Branco – great with Turkey

  4. Pedra a Pedra Tinto – for the turkey for those that prefer red

  5. Reserva Tinto – for those who’ve gone with goose or beef for Xmas dinner / plus great with cheese

  6. Alta No. 10 Tawny Port – to accompany the Christmas Pudding / Mince Pies / Chocolates or on its 

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